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Give Your Furniture New Life

Do you have an antique table that has been passed on through the generations? Is your heirloom cupboard looking a little too distressed after years of use?

Tom Livingston, ( whose business is located in Historic Lancaster County PA.) has spent most of his life doing painting, restoration and renovation work. He has now proudly added furniture re-finishing to his list of services. He provides expert furniture refinishing that can make your heirloom pieces look like they did when they were first hand crafted many years ago.

He takes quality furniture and removes the old finish, tightens any lose joints and refinishes to an old world look. If a piece is broken or missing, Tom will make a new one for you. The repairs are then followed by the application of modern finishes designed to hold up for a very long time.”

The advantages of refinishing a good quality piece is that you can enjoy the beauty and craftsmanship of furniture that has stood the test of time. When repairing a piece, it is almost always necessary to drill and insert a dowel or screw to provide a sound structure once again to the piece. Performing the refinishing afterwards enables him to erase most traces of the repairs. The result is a quality piece of furniture with a much better finish then the original.

People are surprised at the affordability of the cost to re-finish their pieces. It is cheaper than buying new pieces of furniture which are almost always imported from overseas.

If you have furniture that you would like to restore to its former glory, call Livingston Furniture Refinishing at 371-3463 or email to livingstep@comcast.net. Most estimates can be provided by emailing him a digital photo or two. His services include picking up the pieces re-finishing them and delivering them back in better then new condition.