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Wallpaper Stripping header addition

Everyone knows how hard stripping wallpaper can be. The techniques used are as numerous as the types of paper. The only way to get good and fast is to do it for years.

WallPaper Tools

Many types of tools pictured here are needed. Also many variables are present. Are you going to paint when your done stripping or are you going to re-paper the walls? If you're going to paint, the walls must be spotless of all glue. If you're going to paper, you may want to leave a little glue on the wall as a primer. We have stripped paper since 1974. Chances are good that we've already done a job like yours before and know how to complete it successfully. Why waste your valuble time over a weekend in a frustrating task when we are able to complete it in half the time? After the stripping is complete, we have the expertise in wall repair to smooth and reshape it, if neccesary. Although we're not a drywall company, we can rework your walls as needed.